Your Outboard Motor Experts from West Palm Beach to Jupiter

With some of the nicest days to be on the water in front of us this year, it is reassuring to know there is a local shop with experts willing to share what they know, and that you can trust to meet your boating needs. Whether you grew up frequenting a local marina with your family, are shopping for an engine for your first boat, or trading up, there is one marina to know with experienced staff that serves the South Florida area – ARG Marine and Boathouse Marine.

For new or used boats, outboard boat motors for sale, accessories, parts to completely rebuild projects, ARG Marine in Rivera Beach services clients from West Palm Beach to the north of Jupiter. There is nothing our team at ARG cannot handle, especially when it comes to outboard motors. One thing for sure is that we know how to get and keep your boat up and running for the upcoming season.

A Little About Outboard Motors

According to Statistical Surveys Inc. (SSI), the U.S. Boat industry has sold more outboard-powered boats over the past few years. There are a number of reasons an outboard motor is one of the most popular motor-driven methods for propelling watercraft. The cross-section of the stern, where an outboard motor attaches, is called the transom. In most modern vessels, the transom can house single or multiple outboard motors. Unlike inboard engines, the outboard is designed to be installed outside the boat, allowing for more interior space for storage or seating.

Additional Benefits:

  • They are known for their ease of steering.
  • The tilt allows for cruising shallower waters.
  • For repairs or maintenance, they tilt, making it easier to reach the parts.
  • They can be maintained or repaired in or out of the water.
  • The more extended periods between required maintenance saves money and time.
  • The water can be drained from the engine, decreasing exposure to marine growth and saltwater corrosion.
  • The high horsepower to weight ratio translates to a faster boat, which is easier to tow and also offers increased fuel efficiency.

Two or Four Stroke?

A fundamental thing to know about outboard motors is they come in two versions: two and four-stroke. In the past, the differences between these two were much more significant. However, modern-day outboards are much more comparable in reliability, weight, speed, and fuel economy, thanks to technological advancements. When deciding between a two-stroke or a four-stroke outboard engine, we will ask you how you plan to use your boat.

            Size. A four-stroke engine is larger and increases weight.

            Longevity. Four-strokes tend to have a better fuel economy and usually last longer. Two-stroke engines cost less.

            Repairs. Four-stroke engines require more maintenance. A two-stroke engine usually means less downtime.

If you want more horsepower at a faster pace, the two-stroke motor is your best bet. If you value longevity, choose a four-stroke. Not sure? Call ARG Marine at 561-840-1514 today and set up an appointment. Or, just come on by and talk to us. We are located at 3562 Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard in Riviera Beach, Florida, and we look forward to serving you!