Used Outboard Motors for Sale West Palm Beach

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Selections in Used Outboard Motors for Sale in West Palm Beach

Part of the fun of living in West Palm Beach is getting around the city. Our weather is excellent for motorized or pedal-powered transportation on the roads and even better on the water. ARG Marine offers a selection of used outboard motors for sale to West Palm Beach residents who want to enjoy the natural beauty and food along our shore and beachfront stands and restaurants. 

Maintenance for Used Outboard Motors for Sale in West Palm Beach

Our Maintenance team thoroughly inspects all used outboard motors for sale to West Palm Beach before we put them up for sale. Each engine also has a suggested maintenance plan to keep you on the water year-round. If you purchased an outboard from another agency or private owner, we will perform the same exhaustive inspection and develop a plan that won’t exhaust your budget. 

A reliable, quick outboard for anyone is our 2014 E175 DPXABA Evinrude. This V-6 motor has good spark and compression and puts a solid 175 Horsepower. This great outboard has only 590 hours and is ready for the water when you buy it. If you have a boat that can mount twin engines, we also have the left-hand (2014 E175 DCXABA) match ready for purchase, with only 586 hours on it. 

A more recent addition to our inventory is also more powerful and versatile. The 2019 H250 HLAH Evinrude comes mounted on a 20” shaft, but our Maintenance team can switch that out for a 25” or 30” shaft, depending on your requirements. The motor has only 230 hours and is still under the original warranty until 02/09/2029. 

The 2019 HLAH is also an E-Tec G2 H.O. or High Output engine. That means running full out generates nearly 300 Horsepower rather than topping out at 250. The E-Tec G2 has the best fuel mileage of any outboard on the market today. It also needs no oil changes and has no belts or pulleys that require changing, making it one of the lowest maintenance engines available. 

ARG Marine has served West Palm Beach for over twenty years. To learn more about our used outboard motors and other products for purchase, contact our Sales Team at (561) 840-1514 to set up a visit. You can also review our outboards at or check us out on Facebook for the latest updates.