Used Outboard Motors for Sale West Palm Beach

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The temperature is back in the 80s, so it is the perfect time to upgrade your boat’s engine. If you are looking for used outboard motors for sale in West Palm Beach, contact ARG Marine for the best selection in the area. 

An outboard with 150 or 175 Horsepower is an excellent choice for tooling around on an afternoon or over the weekend, but perhaps it’s time for faster running in deeper water. Our 2007 Evinrude DHXSUC generates a powerful 200-horsepower. Its V-6 engine has only 905 hours, so there is plenty of life and fun to enjoy. The outboard has a 25-inch shaft, so it operates well in open water and more shallow canals and lakes.

Another step up in power for more experienced and adventuresome boaters is a recent addition to our inventory. The 2019 Evinrude H250HLAH is an H.O. or High Output outboard. Its V-6 engine quickly gets to 250 Horsepower and can go even faster, reaching almost 300 Horsepower in open water. It is also an Evinrude ETEC model, so it has fewer moving parts and requires less maintenance than similar models. The HLAH also remains under its factory warranty until February 2029. 

If you are a new arrival in Florida, we also have a great outboard, ideal for inexperienced boaters. The Evinrude E130PXSES is a 2008 that generates an impressive 130 Horsepower across only four cylinders. Our maintenance team recently completed a full service, so it is ready to zip up and down area lakes and canals. 

Whichever outboard motor you choose from our inventory, ARG Marine performs a complete inspection before we put any engine on our sales floor. Each one also comes with a limited warranty to keep costs down and an affordable maintenance plan to keep you and your family on the water whenever you decide to go out. 

For more information about our inventory, maintenance plans, and other services, call ARG Marine today. Call (561) 840-1514 to speak with our Sales Team or drop in for a quick visit to our showroom. You can also see new entries to our inventory here on sales and servicing.