Used Outboard Motor for Sale West Palm Beach

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The economy is looking brighter here in the Sunshine State. It is a great time to purchase a new outboard or find a more powerful, used outboard motor for sale in West Palm Beach. At ARG Marine, we have a great selection of outboards ready for the water. 

Some of our more powerful options are from Evinrude, one of the finest companies to put a motor on a boat. Here are several options to take a look at before choosing to buy one. 

First up is our 2019 250 Horsepower HLAH H.O. This impressive outboard is set up on a 20” shaft, but our Maintenance team can change that to a 25” or 30” inch shaft for operating in deeper water. The H.O. designation means it is a High-Output motor, so it can provide closer to 300 Horsepower when running full out. With only 230 hours and a factory warranty good until February 2029, it is an excellent choice for experienced boaters. In addition to these incredible features, the HLAH is an E-TEC G2 model, so it has no belts or pulleys that break at the worst possible times and never needs an oil change. 

Finally, if you want a significant upgrade for a holiday on the water, we offer a pair of 2018 Evinrude E300XUAGF outboards. These incredible V6 motors generate 300 Horsepower, allowing you to fly across the water nearly. They are mountable on a 25” or 30” shaft for operation in local waterways or out on the ocean. The motors have only 959 hours, and the factory warranty is still in place until July 2028. We also have the controls and rigging necessary for smooth, easy operation. If you need a new boat with these engines, we can also help with that. 

ARG Marine has been proud to serve West Palm Beach and our surrounding communities for over twenty years. We have helped hundreds of residents get out to fish, water ski, or cruise up and down the coastline and local waterways. To learn more about what we can do for you, call our Sales Office at (561) 840-1514 and set up a time to come in and check out our inventory for yourself.