Used Outboard Motor for Sale in Palm Beach County

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Used Outboard Motor for Sale in Palm Beach County     


The economy may be pinching your budget, but ARG Marine is here to help you get the most for your money when it comes to buying a used outboard motor for sale in Palm Beach County is an excellent place for exploration and fishing, and we want to help you see and catch everything you can.

 On the market now

A couple of great choices currently in our inventory are the Yamaha VX 225TLRZ and the Johnson J150VXSS. The Yamaha is 2001, 20” gas-powered motor with good spark and smooth compression across all six cylinders. She efficiently runs at her full 225 HP to provide a fun day out or for exploring up and down Florida’s canals, larger streams, and rivers.


Used outboard motor for sale

The Johnson OceanPro is a 2000, 25”, gas-powered V6 motor with solid, even compression and a good spark. It shifts smoothly, and the trim and tilt respond quickly. At 150 HP, she is an excellent choice for new boat owners or a great, budget-friendly backup option for owners who put a lot of miles out on the water and don’t want to stop when their primary outboard needs to go in for servicing.

 Both outboard motors have been recently serviced and are ready to propel your boat across the water.

 Used Outboard Motor for Sale in Palm Beach County     

ARG Marine is happy to serve Palm Beach County fishing and other water sports enthusiasts. Contact us today if you are looking for a pre-owned, affordable outboard motor. To find out what else is available in our inventory, call 561-840-1233, or you can reach us at