Used Boat Motors for Sale by Owner Palm Beach County

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Used Boat Motors for Sale by Owner Palm Beach County

Buying a used boat motor for sale by owner Palm Beach County can be a great experience if you know what to look for. A used boat engine often represents good value for money and can help you get out and enjoy time on the water. 

Outboard Engines for Sale Palm Beach County 

When looking at used outboard engines, there are many factors to consider. ARG Marine is an Evinrude dealer and service provider. ARG Marine supplies new and used boat motors for sale in Palm Beach County and can help you decide which engine will work for your boat and lifestyle.

You should consider the engine size and horsepower rating and ensure the engine and propeller are the right size and pitch to match the engine and push your boat effectively. In addition, engines have different fuel injection systems. 

Outboard Motors

Most small boats have outboard motors. These motors are easy to maintain, quickly get the boat up to speed, and are easy to replace. Outboard motors were traditionally two-stroke, but most modern outboards now have four-stroke designs. Modern outboards are low-emission and fuel-efficient. 

Direct Fuel Injection

In a direct fuel injection outboard, the fuel is injected into the combustion chamber, and the spark plug ignites the fuel. This system doesn’t have to be primed and results in fast start times, superior engine speeds, and performance.

Electronic Fuel Injection

This system injects fuel into the air for each cylinder before entering the engine’s intake valve. The vaporized fuel and air mixture goes into the combustion chamber and is ignited by the spark plug. Electronic fuel injection doesn’t require priming. This system has low emissions, is fuel-efficient, and offers excellent engine performance. 

Carbureted Fuel Injection

Carbureted fuel injection is a more basic type of fuel injection. Carbureted engines are less expensive but can require more maintenance. Carbureted engines aren’t usually as fuel-efficient or as clean as electronic or direct fuel injection engines.

Outboard Motor Horsepower

You want to ensure that your outboard motor has enough power to meet your expectations. Think about how you’ll use your boat. An outboard motor might do a great job getting on a plane with two people and low fuel. However, will the motor be able to plane with six people, full fuel, and a cooler? If you plan on towing water skiers, you’ll want to ensure your outboard has the speed and power to get on a plane fast. 

Most outboard shoppers aim to buy the maximum horsepower the boat is rated for. For example, if the boat manufacturer states that the maximum horsepower is 250 HP, check out 250 HP engines. It’s more efficient to buy a larger HP engine that won’t struggle to move your boat. At ARG Marine, we can check your boat manufacturer’s recommendations and help you choose the best outboard. 

Outboard Motor Sales

ARG Marine sells new and used outboard motors in Palm Beach County. Visit or contact us at 561-840-1514 whether you want to repower or buy a new boat, we can help you make the best choice concerning new and used boat motors for sale in Palm Beach County.