Top Used Outboard Engines To Consider

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If you’re looking for used boat motors for sale by owner in Palm Beach Gardens, ARG Marine has you covered with one of the biggest selections in the world. Owners of used outboard engines can sell through us to reach even more potential buyers. We have a wide variety of used outboard engines, and our inventory changes constantly. However, if you need some help in what to look for, the following is a quick review of some of the better outboard engines on the market.


This engine hit the market in 2014 and was the first of its size to use electronic fuel injection (EFI) without a battery. The result was a very reliable starting ability with only one or two tugs. No carburetor also means no fuel to air exposure, which gets rid of any ethanol issues.


The DF90 is known for being incredibly reliable and was produced for over a decade before being redesigned. It was redesigned in 2018, which made it smaller, lighter and more fuel-efficient. Compared to the older DF90, the new one is 75 pounds lighter and three inches shorter.


This 4.4L V6 engine is the most powerful Suzuki motor available. It features counter-rotating propellers that generate strong torque to move heavy boats quickly. Despite the relative newness of this engine, it has great reviews from customers.


The Yamaha F25 compares to the Suzuki DF25 in the 25-horsepower class. It also runs EFI without a battery and only weighs 136 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest in its class. The Yamaha F25 is known for being extremely efficient even at high RPMs.


For impressive power and acceleration, it’s hard to beat the Yamaha V-Max with 115 horsepower. This engine is a more energetic version of the very reliable Yamaha 1.8L F115.


The Yamaha F250 is one of the most popular outboards among the fishing crowd. This 4.2L engine has been available for around a decade and has proven to be extremely reliable and versatile for different types of boats.

MERCURY 75/90/115

The Mercury 2.1L outboard comes in ratings of 75, 90 and 115 horsepower. Regardless of the rating, these engines have some of the best displacement to weight ratio in their class. Owners describe them as incredibly smooth-running engines.


These engines are available in naturally aspirated models with 175 to 300 horsepower. They are among the lightest models in their size class as well. Featuring Adaptive Speed Control to maintain RPM in any conditions, these engines also have an easy-access service cowl. The initial debut of these engines was in 2018 with the V6 version. Most recently, Mercury has released supercharged versions with 400 horsepower and a racing version with 450 horsepower.


The G2 Evinrude line is being discontinued, but it’s still bound to be very popular on the used market, and we are still selling them at ARG Marine. The great thing about this line is the selection. Initially sold in 200, 225, 250 and 300 horsepower models as a 3.4L, they were eventually augmented with 150, 175 and 200 horsepower models in a 2.7L. Just before discontinuation, Evinrude added yet another selection of 115, 140 and 150 horsepower with a 1.9L engine. This provides something for nearly every type of boater.

Choose ARG Marine for all your new and used boat motors. We are an authorized dealer for some of the biggest marine engine brands on the market, including Yamaha and Evinrude. Check us out today!