Things to Know Before Purchasing an Outboard Motor

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If you are looking for outboard motors for sale in Palm Beach County, you’ll want to know the differences between saltwater and freshwater boats. At ARG Marine, we stock all kinds of outboard motors for sale in Palm Beach County, and we cannot wait to see you out on the water.


Differences Between Saltwater and Freshwater Boats


Freshwater boats that are used in freshwater are often easier to maintain. The salt present in saltwater can cause corrosion issues and is harder on boats than in freshwater. Here are a few other differences:


Boat Hull Design


Saltwater boats operate in more challenging conditions. For example, a saltwater boat might face larger waves and choppier conditions than a freshwater boat. Usually, freshwater boats are used in calmer, more protected waters. Saltwater boats often have a more pronounced hull shape to handle waves better. Like pontoon or bass boats, freshwater boats have flatter bottoms intended to be used on calm lakes.


Corrosion Resistance


Saltwater is highly corrosive. If you drop something metal into salt water, it will corrode immediately. Saltwater boats often have closed cooling systems, so you don’t have to flush the engine after every use. Outboard motors should regularly be flushed with fresh water to keep the cooling system in tip-top shape.


Sacrificial Anodes


Boats designed for use in saltwater use anodes. These anodes attract electrical currents, and the anode deteriorates and needs to be replaced periodically. The anode protects the boat’s other systems from degradation and prevents galvanic corrosion.

There are different metals commonly used for anodes. Many people call them “zincs” because zinc was the most common material used for saltwater boats until recently. Zinc is slowly being replaced by aluminum, which can be used in salt and freshwater. If your boat stays in freshwater, you might want to consider magnesium anodes.


Marine Growth and Fouling


Saltwater encourages marine growth on the bottom of the boat. If you leave your boat in saltwater for any length of time, algae and barnacles will attach themselves. Mariners usually add bottom paint to deter marine growth and periodically clean their boat’s hulls.


Using a Freshwater Boat in Salt Water


If you want to use your freshwater boat in saltwater, you can. However, additional precautions are necessary. Flush the engine with fresh water when you have finished boating for the day. It would help if you also washed your trailer with soap and freshwater after using it at a saltwater ramp.

Carefully check the weather conditions before taking your freshwater boat into saltwater. If you take your pontoon boat for a quick trip on the Intracoastal Waterway, you shouldn’t run into any issues with the hull design. However, don’t take your freshwater boat into any dangerous wind or sea state conditions. If you want to use your saltwater boat in freshwater, you should have no issues. Your boat might enjoy the change.


Outboard Motors for sale in Palm Beach County


If you’re considering the difference between outboard motors for sale in Palm Beach, you might want to check out an engine that has been used in freshwater. Freshwater engines are subject to fewer corrosion issues and may have higher resale value. Saltwater engines are the way to go for Intracoastal and ocean enjoyment.


Enjoying Boating in Palm Beach County

Whether you love the challenge of the ocean or the great fishing opportunities in the lake, you’ll love spending time on the water. Boating is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors and spend time together as a family. Please stop by and see us or call ARG Marine at 561-840-1514 for your outboard motors for sale in Palm Beach County and all other boating needs.