Should I Buy a New or Used Outboard Motor?

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If you’re in the market for an outboard boat motor, you might be wondering whether a new or used motor is better. While there are pros and cons to each choice, the decision often comes down to availability and budget.

Buying a New or Used Motor

Boating is always an excellent way to spend time with your family while staying safe and having fun. At ARG Marine in Riviera Beach, we have both new and used outboard motors for sale.

Let’s coast into the pros and cons of buying a new versus used outboard motor.

Benefits of a New Motor

Buying a new motor gives you the ability to order exactly what you want and receive a full manufacturer’s warranty. Buyers that order new motors want to be confident in their motor and have the budget to pay for it.

Exact Model

Buying a new outboard means that you can order the exact model you are looking for. If you know what brand, HP, and even color you want, you can order it from a dealer and get exactly what you are looking for.

Full Warranty

New engines come with manufacturer’s warranties. If there are any type of issues with the engine, the local dealer can fix it for you right away. When you buy a new engine, you know its history. It won’t have seen any heavy use or abuse because you bought it brand new. People often buy new engines so they can focus on worry-free boating.


New engines are usually more expensive than used engines. Depending on supply chain issues, you might have to wait for your order. At ARG Marine, we have a variety of new engines in stock, so stop by and see what’s available.

Benefits of a Used Motor

Used motors are often less expensive than new motors. If you’re on a budget, used motors are a great way to get out on the water for less. In addition, you can take home your used motor the same day, instead of having to order a new motor and wait for it.


A new engine has a premium price, whereas used engines are discounted. Be sure to ask questions about the used motor and make sure it runs before committing to a purchase.

Often, dealers and outboard shops will sell used motors. These motors are a great deal because the professional dealer has looked at the engine and performed any needed maintenance to ensure trouble-free boating. At ARG Marine, we have a variety of used outboard boat motors in stock. Buying from a professional marine company ensures that you get a quality motor at a fair price.

Condition and Warranty

If a used boat motor has received proper care, it will be in great operating condition and leave years of life. Some used motors even come with some of the manufacturer’s warranty still in place. You might be able to find a great deal on an engine that’s just a year or two old.


Used boat engines are available to take home the same day. Due to the high demand for outboard motors and limited supply, the ability to buy an engine immediately is very appealing. Buying a used motor means you can get out on the water and start having fun the same day.

Find a Quality New or Used Outboard Motor

Both new and used motors have their pros and cons. Either choice will get you out on the water. Stop by or call us at ARG Marine to find out what we have in stock and how we can help you enjoy time on the water.