Question and Answers About Evinrude From BRP

As an Evinrude dealer serving West Palm Beach, ARG Marine is still servicing and selling Evinrude motors. Unsurprisingly, many customers still have questions about the discontinuation of the popular Evinrude brand in 2020. The primary reason for discontinuation was due to the Covid-19 economic slowdown. 

The following is a summary of some helpful questions and answers from BRP, Evinrude’s parent company, as delivered by Fishing Tackle Retailer in May of 2020.

Question 1: Will BRP consider producing Evinrude engines again in the future?

Answer from BRP: There are no plans to restart production of the popular Evinrude E-TEC and E-TEC G2 engines. BRP plans to reorganize its marine strategy and focus efforts on the next generation of marine engine technology. BRP is calling its new focus Project Ghost.

Question 2: Will BRP sell the Evinrude brand to another company, or will the Evinrude technology be sold elsewhere?

Answer from BRP: The company has no intention of selling the Evinrude trademark or technology. BRP does not intend to allow another company to sell the brand either.

Question 3: Evinrude is a historic American brand that every boater is aware of. Will BRP completely forsake the brand and eliminate it from the industry?

Answer from BRP: The company intends to fully maintain the Evinrude trademark. BRP won’t sell the name or technology. BRP will also continue supplying customers and Evinrude dealers with support and parts in order to keep the motors in use. Manufacturer limited warranties will continue to be honored, as will extended service contracts. 

Question 4: Many people own Evinrude motors; what should they understand about ongoing maintenance?

Answer from BRP: As previously mentioned, BRP will continue honoring all warranties and service contracts. Get in touch with your local Evinrude dealer to find parts and other maintenance items for your Evinrude motor.

Question 5: How long will support for Evinrude motors last, and how long will tech training be maintained?

Answer from BRP: There are well over 1,000 distributors and dealers all over the world who will be impacted by this change. BRP intends to work with all of them in order to make the transition smooth and maintain a strong level of service.

BRP also said they would continue to fill Evinrude engine orders for the remainder of 2020. For this reason, there is still plenty of Evinrude engine inventory on the market for those who would like to get one of the iconic and popular motors for their boat.

Whether you are interested in purchasing an Evinrude motor or are looking for a trusted Evinrude dealer to maintain parts and service, ARG Marine has you covered. 

Even though Evinrude engines are no longer selling new, you can still buy used motors or motors that never sold new through an Evinrude dealer like ARG Marine. If you’re located in West Palm Beach or anywhere else in Florida, come check us out today!