Outboard Motor Sales West Palm Beach

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Few places in the state are more suited for boating and other water activities than West Palm Beach. ARG Marine is here to support our fellow residents with some of the area’s best outboard motor sales prices. We have an outboard for you if it is for family outings, commercial transportation, or just an afternoon of adventure. 

A great starter outboard for new boaters is the 115ELXPTO 2004 Mercury. The four-cylinder inline motor has 115 Horsepower, and its 25-inch shaft makes it a perfect choice for getting where you need to go and still take it out into deeper water when then the urge strikes. It is fully refurbished and ready for fishing, diving, or simply getting out on the water to enjoy the sun. 

For those who want a faster time on the water, ARG Marine has the J150VXSS 2000 Johnson. It also has a 25-inch shaft for deeper water, but with a more powerful V-6 motor that generates a solid 150 Horsepower. We refurbished the tilt and trim, giving it a light touch and making it a perfect choice for moving close to shore in crowded water.  

For more power in deeper water, we offer an E250CZINR 2012 Evinrude. Powered by a V-6 E-TEC motor, this outboard has a 30-inch shaft and generates an incredible 250 Horsepower. The E-TEC design is very low maintenance, making it an excellent choice for an owner who wants to spend more time on the water than sitting in a boat shop waiting room.

Each outboard is thoroughly examined and then refurbished by our staff mechanics. Each engine is ready to run from the moment you put it in the water. We support each one we sell with a maintenance plan our mechanics can build around the engine and the number of hours you put into it every month. If you have an outboard motor you purchased elsewhere, we can develop a plan to keep you ready for years to come. 

ARG Marine has happily supported West Palm Beach boaters and the surrounding area for more than twenty years when it comes to enjoying life on the water. Call us today at (561) 840-1514 if you are ready to purchase your first outboard or feel it is time to upgrade. You can also view our inventory at .