Outboard Motor Sales West Palm Beach II

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There are few things better than enjoying the water around West Palm Beach. Outboard motor sales from ARG Marine can help anyone get started with personal outings or commercial operations. 

Great Outboard Motor Sales for Beginners

A great outboard for beginners is our 2022 Suzuki. The DF90ATL4 is a compact, four-cylinder, inline engine that works well on small boats and, at 90 Horsepower, is also an excellent choice for parents introducing their kids to boating solo in shallow water. The ATL4 has yet to be on the water and has its original factory warranty.

A more powerful option for family and friends spending the day on the water is our 2013 Evinrude DSLAAB. It generates 150 Horsepower and has a 20” shaft, making it an excellent choice for more shallow water without sacrificing speed. Our maintenance technicians recently serviced it after 547 hours on the water, so it has good compression across all six cylinders.

A more powerful and versatile outboard is our 2019 Evinrude. This HLAH model puts out an impressive 250 Horsepower. Currently mounted on a 20” shaft, our technicians can switch it out for a 25” or 30” shaft for owners who want to get out into deeper water. The HLAH is also an E-Tec G2 High Output engine so that an experienced boater can get her up to almost 300 Horsepower in open water. With only 230 hours in the water, this outboard motor is still under factory warranty until February 2029. 

Complete Inspections for Outboard Motor Sales West Palm Beach

ARG Marine maintenance technicians perform a complete inspection on every outboard that comes into our inventory, new or used, to make sure it is ready for the water. They also repair and maintain any outboard motor brought in for service, even if purchased elsewhere. To help keep them all running, our technicians can design a maintenance schedule that meets any budget. 

Helping West Palm Beach residents get on the water defines us at ARG Marine. Nothing is better than enjoying the local waterways and running up and down the coast. To choose the best outboard motor option for your family, visit our website, check us out on Facebook, or contact our Sales Team at 561-840-1514 to schedule a visit.