Outboard Motor Sales West Palm Beach

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Fall is here, an excellent time for weekends on the water! As students and parents return to their academic routine, Florida weather encourages residents to maintain a weekend aquatic routine. At ARG Marine, we promote this with some of the best outboard motor sales in West Palm Beach. 

We put each motor we sell through a complete inspection before it goes out on the sales floor. While our more recent outboards remain covered by their factory warranty, our Repair and Maintenance teams also develop a plan for our older models that ensures they stay as reliable and affordable for almost every budget. ARG Marine can also create a maintenance schedule for any outboard you bring to us for repair. 

A robust and reliable outboard ready to hit the water now is our 2019 Evinrude G2 HLAH. This incredible 250-horsepower motor is currently on a 20-inch shaft for more shallow waters, but our Maintenance team can mount it onto a 25 or 30-inch shaft and have you safely out on the Atlantic that same day. This G2 engine is an H.O. or high output model, so it can run closer to 300 Horsepower once you open it out. The HLAH’s original warranty remains in place until February 2029. 

An older Evinrude that ARG Marine Maintenance just serviced and put on the show floor is our 2012 E250CZINR. The V-6 counter rotation engine is mounted on a 30-inch shaft for deeper water and compresses all cylinders well. With only 590 hours, the CZINR is ready for any weekend adventure.

For residents who want to stay closer to shore and see how Florida changes with the cooler weather, we have the 2022 Suzuki DF90ATL4. It has not yet been out on the water and has its original five-year warranty. This 90-horsepower engine has a 20-inch shaft, which makes it perfect for local waterways. 

ARG Marine has provided our West Palm Beach neighbors with what they need to enjoy life on Florida’s waterways for over twenty years. If you are looking for your first outboard motor or want to upgrade for bigger adventures, contact us at (561) 840-1514 or check out our current inventory on our website.