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Large Inventory of Outboard Motor Sales in Palm Beach County

Having a boat is a fun way for Palm Beach County residents to get around throughout the year. It is also a valuable resource for getting where you need to go after a storm and before the roads and bridges are safely cleared. At ARG Marine, our outboard motor sales provide customers with a large inventory; we have a solid, reliable choice for every type of customer. 

A new addition to our inventory may be perfect for families with young or inexperienced boaters. We just put on the showroom floor a 1998 Yamaha 90TLRW. This inline beauty has an excellent compression rating of 110 across its three cylinders and runs beautifully. At 90 Horsepower, it has enough zip to give a new boater the thrill of racing across the water but stays safely under the operator’s control. 

We have a 2004 Mercury 115ELXPTO mounted on a 25-inch shaft if more power is needed. This four-cylinder inline engine has an excellent compression rating of 130 and a good spark for a reliable start every time. It is perfect for boaters with more experience who want a little faster fun or for someone who wants to get into shallow water to examine and photograph the local ecosystem. 

For even faster fun, we offer the 2014 Evinrude DPXABA. This V-6 engine puts out a superb 175 Horsepower for operating everywhere from Lake Okeechobee to the open water of the Atlantic. This outboard has only 590 hours, so it runs like new. 

Examination of All Outboard Motors

The ARG Marine Maintenance Team examines each outboard before we put it on the floor for sale. Whether it is a new or pre-owned model, each one goes through a complete inspection and is ready to go out on area lakes and waterways the moment you drive away with it. It’s the best way to keep everyone safe on the water.

Whether you need it for personal or commercial use in Palm Beach County, ARG Marine has an outboard motor to meet your needs. To view our inventory, you can check us out here or read our latest updates on Facebook. If you have any questions, call our Sales Office at (561) 840-1514.