Outboard Motor Sales Online West Palm Beach

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March is here, so Easter and Spring Break are just around the corner. That makes this the perfect month for residents to see what ARG Marine has in outboard motor sales online for West Palm Beach. Your fun on the water starts with us!

Since the idea is a good time on the water, speed is at the heart of it. An outboard on the shelf, ready to go, is the 2014 Evinrude E175DPXABA. Its V-6 engine has excellent compression across all cylinders and good spark for a reliable 175 horsepower. With only 590 hours, it is a great choice for running up and down canals and streams or going full out on Lake Mangonia. 

If you want faster fun, our 2019 Evinrude H250HLAH outboard is a good upgrade. While currently mounted on a 20-inch shaft, our maintenance team can put it on a 25- or 30-inch shaft for more stability and to operate in deeper water. It is an E-TEC High Output or H.O. engine, which can generate over 250 horsepower, approaching 300. This incredible outboard has only 230 hours and remains covered under its factory warranty until 02/09/2029. 

If that isn’t fast enough for you, then you’re going to need a bigger boat. Specifically, one that can handle our twin 2018 Evinrude E300XUAGF Outboards. These impressive V-6 engines run at a smooth, reliable 300 horsepower that gets you everywhere you want to go. Our technicians can mount the engines on a 25 or 30-inch shaft for running along the shoreline or farther out on the Ocean. They are under their factory warranty until July of 2028 for worry-free operation. 

Each outboard that comes into our inventory gets a thorough examination from the cowling to the propeller. Our Inspection Team ensures every engine fires up just like it did when it left the factory. Once completed, each outboard goes onto the sales room floor, ready for the water and with an affordable maintenance plan that will keep you there for years. 

Whatever your need in West Palm Beach, ARG Marine has an outboard motor to meet it. To learn more about these engines or to view the rest of our inventory, visit our website today. You can also reach our Sales Office at 561-840-1514.