Outboard Engines for Sale Palm Beach Gardens

Sunset View On Sailing Yacht Moored On Jetty In The Port, Close Up View On Sailboat Hull, Bow And Fenders

ARG Has Outboard Engines for Sale Palm Beach Gardens


For outboard engines for sale in Palm Beach Gardens, ARG Marine is the best choice when it comes to new and pre-owned options. We have an extensive inventory to meet the needs of experienced boaters and newcomers to the water. 


A new engine in our inventory is the Suzuki DF90ATL4. This 2022 model is a 20” long shaft outboard with a five-year factory warranty. With its inline, 4-cylinder configuration, this 90HP engine is a great choice for small boats needed for fishing, from-the-water sightseeing, or just cruising around local waterways on the weekend. 


Pre-Owned Outboard Engines for Sale Palm Beach Gardens


If you have a bigger boat and want a little more power, we have a 2000 Johnson outboard that just might be your ideal choice. This pre-owned J150VXSS has 150 HP, a 25” long shaft set-up, a gasoline-powered, V-6 engine with good valve compression, and a very smooth tilt operation. With the right watercraft, this Johnson is a superb option for personal use or for a small tourist operation owner just starting. 


A more powerful outboard in our inventory is also one of the more versatile. Our 2019 Evinrude E-Tec G2 has 250 HP and only 230 operational hours. It has a 20” long-shaft set-up but can be altered into a 25” or even 30” configuration if required, which means you can transfer it between different-sized boats. This H250HLAH is still under that factory warranty which does not expire until 02/09/2029. 


ARG Marine Can Put You On the Water Today


Regardless of which brand you choose each engine, we sell is ready for the water the moment it leaves our showroom. You can trust our maintenance team to perform a complete inspection on every outboard, new or pre-owned before we put it out for sale. As an Authorized Service Center for Evinrude E-TEC, Johnson, Suzuki, and other major brands, ARG Marine mechanics are highly trained to ensure every trip can be your best time on the water.


We are thrilled to help new boaters and old hands when it comes to supporting the Palm Beach Gardens community. Call us today at 561-840-1514 or 561-840-1233, or check out our showroom in person for more details on a great deal.