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Are You Looking For an Outboard Engine in Palm Beach Gardens

August may be hot, but that makes it a perfect month for spending every minute possible out on the water. For new and experienced boaters, ARG Marine has a great selection of outboard engines for sale in Palm Beach Gardens

A great start to adventures on area waters is our 2004 Mercury 115ELXPTO. This 4-cylinder inline engine puts out a solid 115 Horsepower. Our service team has performed a complete check on the motor, so it has a good spark for reliability and an excellent compression rate of 130 on all cylinders. Mounted on a 25” shaft, it runs safely in shallow waters and zips quickly around close to shore. 

If you want to run around faster in the shallows, our 2013 Evinrude E150DSLAAB is an excellent option. With 150 Horsepower on a 20” shaft, this V-6 engine is perfect for more experienced boaters fishing or sightseeing on local waterways. It runs great and has a solid compression range of 110 to 115 across its six cylinders. 

For deeper water and more power, we have a 2012 Evinrude E250CZINR. Mounted on a 30” shaft, this E-TEC counter-rotation engine moves well along the coast or further out in the water. The V-6 motor has only 590 hours, and our service team recently completed a thorough inspection. It has good compression and spark, so all it needs to get on the water is you and your boat. 

If your family is growing and you think it is time for your teenagers to drive solo, we have outboard engines for sale in Palm Beach Gardens, like our 1998 Yamaha, that fits this need perfectly. This 90TLRW model recently landed on our shelves and was just serviced. It has excellent spark, a 110 compression rate on all three cylinders, and a reliable 90 Horsepower. Mounted on a 20” shaft, it is perfect for young boaters tooling in shallow water. 

Our Outboard Engines For Sale Are Water Ready

No matter which model you choose, all of our outboard engines for sale in Palm Beach Gardens that ARG Marine sells are ready for the water at purchase. If you purchased an engine elsewhere, our service is prepared to support you with a multi-point inspection that addresses every major issue. 

For more information on what we can do to support your family’s adventures, contact ARG Marine today at (561) 840-1514. You can also visit us on Facebook to see the latest additions to our inventory.