In Our Opinion: Evinrude May Have Slipped Away – But We Still Have Water, Boats and Ice Cream

Evinrude motor’s parent company, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP), announced it would no longer manufacture Evinrude outboard boat engines this past spring. The company’s decision cited the impact of coronavirus. In a statement on its website, they explain their outboard engine business was significantly impacted by Covid-19, causing them to discontinue production of their outboard motors immediately. They said the business segment had already been facing some challenges but that the impact from the current context “forced our hand.”

For nearly 30 years, ARG Marine has been the premier choice for boat owners in Palm Beach County looking for used boat motors. Although ARG carried the three new outboard engines that debuted in 2019, we were in the dark about the news like everyone else. No one saw this coming – the boating industry – including dealers. There was no advanced notice of the company’s decision to discontinue E-TEC and E-TEC G2 outboard engines because it is a publicly traded company.

When Bess Cary inspired the first outboard motor’s invention in 1909, she was Ole Evinrude’s fiancé. The story goes that during a romantic picnic on a lake in Wisconsin, she told him how much she wished she had a dish of ice cream. As he was rowing back to shore, he figured her request could more quickly be fulfilled if his rowboat had a motor. Like Bess loved ice cream, boaters still love their two-stroke outboard motors. They are not going anywhere.

Following the decision to discontinue E-TEC and E-TEC G2 outboard engines, the brand ensured dealers that they would continue to honor the company’s limited warranty. Evinrude has emphasized to both dealers and customers that they will continue to support their outboard motors well into the future. As one of the more than 1,000 dealers of Evinrude engines, parts, and accessories, ARG Marine wants to assure our customers that the marine dealership will supply service and parts for years to come. Along with the current inventory still on the market, BRP has assured dealers and customers that they will honor each and every warranty as long as needed. 

Dockside Comments Keep Coming In

  • BRP may feel an increased demand from customers for the G2 and reposition the Evinrude brand like it was back in the day within a few years.
  • If you can buy an Evinrude at a good deal, jump on it. The vast majority of Evinrude owners will tell you that chances are the warranty will never be needed if you keep it serviced.
  • BRP is a big company, and they are not going out of business. It is good that they are continuing to service their Evinrude customers. 
  • Evinrude has always had good engines, and ARG can work on any outboard motor. Knowing there is a certified mechanic at ARG means not much has changed.
  • We all have heard about BRP’s “Project Ghost” and “Project M”. A new and improved Evinrude outboard motors could possibly evolve from one of those. 

Things sure have been different in 2020, but it is almost over. Just as there is going to be a new year, some things are still for sure. First, located in Rivera BeachARG Marine is certified to repair Evinrude, Johnson, Suzuki, HONDA, and anything else on the water with a propeller. Second, there’s always ice cream. And third, for a while longer and in the oddest way, it kind of seems like we are all in the same boat.