Honda Outboard Warranty

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 When you buy a new engine, it comes with a factory warranty. These warranties usually cover manufacturing defects. 

 Honda has been producing reliable outboards for over 50 years. They’ve always been at the forefront of the outboard business and were among the first to sell a four-stroke engine. 

Honda offers outboards from 2.5 HP to 250 HP. Honda keeps winning innovation and industry awards, focusing on bringing the best technology to the boating world. 

When you buy a Honda, you know you are getting a reliable, efficient, quiet motor. In addition, you are getting one of the best warranties in the business. 

Honda’s Exceptional Warranty

ARG Marine is an authorized Honda outboard dealer. Any new Honda engine purchased from ARG Marine is eligible for Honda’s exceptional five-year warranty. This warranty is direct from the factory and covers the engine from top to bottom for a full five years. 

Direct from Honda

Honda doesn’t contract with third-party service warranty providers. The five-year warranty comes directly from the factory. Instead of worrying about limiting service costs, the Honda warranty providers are only concerned about ensuring your engine works as it should.

Five-year Warranty

A Honda warranty lasts for five full years from the date of purchase. The warranty covers any workmanship Defects or material and applies to Honda outboard motors purchased for recreational use. 

 Any recreational motor purchased new from an authorized Honda dealer is eligible for this warranty. ARG Marine is an authorized dealer, and all our new motors come with this exceptional warranty.

Full Warranty Coverage for Five Years

The warranty lasts with full effect for five years. Some manufacturers’ warranties decline over time. For example, their warranties might pay 100% in the first year but only 20% in the fifth year. The warranty isn’t pro-rated with Honda, and your motor is covered from top to bottom for the full five years. 

Transferrable Warranty

Honda’s warranty conveys with the engine. If you want to sell your engine, the buyer can still take advantage of the warranty. If you are looking around for a used Honda outboard motor for sale, check its warranty status. You might be able to buy a used motor with the warranty still in place.

Extensive Dealer Network

Your Honda outboard can get warranty service at any Honda dealer. Honda has over 1,000 dealers in the U.S. Dealers are trained and ready to service your engine and get you back on the water. 

Honda Outboard Motors for Sale

Whether you are looking for an outboard from your dinghy or looking to re-power your fishing boat, Honda has a great option for you. At ARG Marine in Riviera Beach, we sell both new and used Honda outboards. Stop by or call us today, and you could be out on the water tomorrow.