Honda Four-stroke vs. Two-stroke Technology

Outboard Engine Head

Honda has made four-stroke motors for over 50 years. Today, Honda only offers four-stroke motors. Boaters often compare and contrast the pros and cons of buying a newer-technology four-stroke outboard over an older-technology two-stroke outboard. While two-strokes can be lighter and some prefer their simplicity, a Honda four-stroke outboard has many clear advantages. ARG Marine is proud to carry modern and efficient Honda outboards. 

Four-Stroke and Two-Stroke Technology Compared

A four-stroke engine has four steps.

  • Intake
  • Compression
  • Power
  • Exhaust

A two-stroke engine has two steps.

  • Upstroke with ignition and compression combined
  • Downstroke with power and exhaust combined

A two-stroke engine has fewer parts and is often lighter. In addition, because the two-stroke engine has fewer moving parts, some boaters find it easier to maintain. 

Boaters must add oil to their two-stroke engine’s gas. This can be messy and inconvenient. The gas then carries a thin layer of oil to critical engine components. A two-stroke engine keeps gas and oil separately. On a four-stroke, oil is used to lubricate all moving parts and improve the engine’s durability. 

The Four-Stroke Advantage

Four-stroke engines feature modern technology, are better for the environment, last longer, sip fuel, and are quieter than two-stroke engines. At ARG Marine, we are proud to carry Honda outboards which represent a long history of environmentally friendly, forward-thinking technology. 


Honda four-stroke outboard motors are 50% more fuel-efficient than two-stroke motors. This means Honda owners will be buying a lot let gas. In addition, because a Honda four-stroke engine doesn’t require two-stroke oil, Honda owners will also save on oil costs.

Better Technology

Newer technology means that a Honda four-stroke runs efficiently and quietly. A Honda four-stroke will run smoother than a two-stroke engine. Instead of noisily misfiring and belching out smoke and fumes, a Honda outboard will purr along quietly and smoothly at idle speeds. 

Better for the Environment

Four-stroke motors are better for the environment. They are about 90 percent cleaner and don’t release oil into the water. The design of a two-stroke motor allows unburned fuel to go through the exhaust system and into the water. Two-stroke engines also release more carbon monoxide into the atmosphere. Because two-stroke motors don’t meet modern emission standards, you can no longer buy a new two-stroke engine in the U.S. 


Two-stroke engines are loud, have more vibration, and have an unpleasant high pitch. Four-stroke engines are much quieter, have significantly less vibration, and have a lower pitch. Honda outboards are known to be exceptionally quiet. Boaters can cruise along and easily carry on conversations and listen to music without yelling over the engine noise. 

Less Fumes

Two-stroke motors often smoke when starting and sometimes smoke while running. Two-stroke motors are known to be stinky. Instead of yelling over an engine and coughing on fumes, try a four-stroke and focus on enjoying the day. 

ARG Marine Honda Outboard Motors

ARG Marine sells new and used Honda Outboard Motors. Honda uses the latest technology to offer reliable, quiet engines that let you focus on enjoying your day on the water. So if you’re looking for Honda outboard motors for sale in Palm Beach County, stop by and see us today.