Fuel Efficient Used Outboard Motors for Sale Palm Beach County

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Fuel Efficient Used Outboard Motors Are in Demand

Fuel-efficient outboard motors are in-demand as gas prices remain high. Fuel-efficient motors save you money at the gas pump and help you go longer between each fill-up. Consider buying the most fuel-efficient engine if you are in the market for new or used outboard motors. 

Fuel Efficient Motors Pros and Cons

ARG Marine provides fuel efficient used outboard motors for sale in Palm Beach County. Honda and Suzuki are the top brands for fuel-efficient engines. These engines have modern technology to provide boaters power and performance while using the least fuel possible. Fuel-efficient engines save money over the long run, but they might have a higher initial price tag. 

Honda BF6 Engine

Honda has been making fuel-efficient four-stroke engines for decades and is focused on making fuel-efficient engines. The BF6 has an easy-start pull cord and an internal fuel tank. The internal fuel tank helps small boat owners keep their boats clutter-free. 

 The engine has an ECU that reduces RPM if the oil level gets too low, so owners can still make it back to the dock without overheating the engine. Rubber motor mounts prevent vibration from affecting the tiller. The Honda BF6 is a wonderful all-around fuel-efficient, quiet, high-performance motor. 


Fuel efficient



Easy-start pull cord


Eight pounds heavier than the Suzuki DF6

Suzuki DF 25 EFI

Suzuki is one of the top manufacturers of fuel-efficient outboard motors. The Suzuki DF25 uses Suzuki’s Lean Burn and battery-less Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI). This model has a one-to-two starter cord and rarely has to be pulled twice. 

The Suzuki DF25 EFI means it doesn’t have a carburetor. This change improves performance and fuel efficiency while minimizing maintenance. In addition, getting rid of the carburetor eliminates issues when using ethanol fuel. 

 The DF25 EFI has an advanced air intake system to improve performance. The DF25 EFI is lightweight and provides excellent performance and fuel efficiency. It consistently wins best-in-class awards. 



Advanced EFI technology



Suzuki DF60

The Suzuki DF60 provides exceptional fuel efficiency in a lightweight package. Suzuki’s Lean Burn Control System delivers excellent fuel efficiency without compromising power or performance. The Suzuki DF60 is the lightest 60-horsepower outboard motor for sale, weighing just 225 pounds. 

 The Suzuki DF60 has an industry-first self-adjusting maintenance-free timing chain, Electronic Fuel Injection, and a large capacity alternator. In addition, the offset driveshaft improves weight and balance and reduces vibration and engine mount wear. 

 The engine has a 2-stage gear reduction that allows for a larger propeller and fewer revolutions, another factor that improves fuel efficiency and performance. 


Lightest Weight 60HP engine

Fuel Efficient

Offset Driveshaft

2-Stage Gear Reduction


The famous white option is more expensive than a black engine

Honda 225

Honda’s 225-horsepower model was based on the smooth-running Honda Acura MDX’s engine. It features a six-cylinder and 24-valve V-6 engine with VTEC technology for impressive torque, durability, and performance. The Honda 225 has a 60-amp alternator to power all your accessories. The Dual-Stage Induction improves reliability, and the oxygen sensor feedback system enhances fuel economy. 







Nine pounds heavier than a Suzuki 225

ARG Marine for Outboard Motors for Sale in Palm Beach County

If you are in the market for used or new outboard motors for sale in Palm Beach County, stop by ARG Marine today. We’re an authorized dealer and offer exceptional new and used outboard motors in addition to warranty service and parts. We are excited to help you get out on the water in Palm Beach County and enjoy the boating lifestyle.