For Sale: Outboard Boat Motors West Palm Beach Area

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The weather might be a little cold for some people to get on the water, but Spring is just around the corner for residents of West Palm Beach. Reliable outboard motors for sale from ARG Marine can help our community get out on the water with an affordable engine while still paying off the Christmas presents. 

For inexperienced boaters or perhaps parents ready to let their kids drive solo, we have a 1998 90TLRW Yamaha. Its three-cylinder inline motor provides a reliable 90 Horsepower, and with a 20-inch shaft, it is perfect for boating up and down local canals. Our Maintenance Team recently serviced this tidy little engine, which now has excellent spark and compression. All it needs now is a sturdy boat underneath it. 

For a little more power, area residents can’t go wrong with our 2003 Mercury EXLPTO. This swift four-cylinder inline motor generates a more powerful 125 Horsepower. It has reliable compression and spark, and with a 25-inch shaft, it is perfect for boaters who want to start running faster and in deeper waters on their weekend adventures. 

More experienced boaters who want more horsepower and don’t want to stop at 150 should look at our 2014 Evinrude DPXABA. It leaps across the water with an impressive 175 horsepower. Since this V6 motor is an E-TEC model, it has better fuel efficiency and lower maintenance than many other outboards in the same class. With only 590 hours, this motor is ready for a second life with a new owner. 

Another Evinrude E-TEC model is our HXCUAG G2. It puts out an incredible 300 Horsepower, and in addition to the same features as the DPXABA, this model has no belts, camshafts, or valves to replace and never needs an oil change. It operates efficiently on a 25- or 30-inch shaft for safe operation in shallow or deep water. It is also still under warranty until July 2028. 

ARG Marine has happily helped residents of West Palm Beach with reliable outboard motors for sale for more than two decades. If you are a native Floridian or a recent arrival, call us today at (561) 840-1514 to learn more about getting out on the water. You can also view our current inventory at