FAQ: Honda Outboard Motors in West Palm Beach

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Answering Questions On Honda Outboard Motors in West Palm Beach


Throughout the industry, Honda Outboard Motors in West Palm Beach are known to be high quality, reliable, and cutting-edge. Honda is world-famous for using the latest technology to produce efficient and quiet outboard engines. ARG Marine is a Honda outboard motors dealer, and we are proud to carry this exceptional brand. 


Honda Outboard Motors in West Palm Beach FAQ


Here are a few FAQs about Honda outboard motors in West Palm Beach. Honda manufactured their first four-stroke engine in 1964. In 1985, Honda became the first manufacturer to offer a full line of four-stroke outboard engines. Four-stroke technology is clean and fuel-efficient. Today, Honda has a full line of motors from 2 hp to 250 hp engines.


How Often Should I Do an Oil Change?


Keep a log of your engine hours. You should change your engine’s oil every 100 hours or annually, whichever happens first. If you don’t put 100 hours on your engine every year, it’s a good idea to change the oil before winter storage. 


How Often Should the Spark Plugs be Changed?


Spark plugs should be inspected every 100 hours and replaced if fouled. You can do this at the same time as the oil change. At a minimum, they should be changed every 300 hours or three years, whichever comes first. 


What Fuel Should I Use in My Honda Outboard?


Honda engines run on regular unleaded gas. Honda outboards can run on gas that contains up to 10% ethanol. Some gas stations sell an 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline mix. Honda outboards are not made to run on this mix.


How Do I Avoid Fuel Problems?


Don’t use gas with more than 10% ethanol. Ethanol attracts water, which can cause engine problems. If you don’t use all the gas in the fuel tank within 30 days, add a fuel stabilizer every time you get gas. If you have a portable gas tank, store the tank away from direct sunlight. 


Fill the fuel tank after each use. Air in the tank will promote fuel deterioration. If you have an inboard fuel tank, adding a fuel/water separator will ensure water and other contaminants don’t damage the engine. Check the filter often, and carry spares just in case it becomes fouled.


How Can I Get an Owner’s Manual?


You can download the owner’s manuals from the Honda Marine website. You can also lookup part numbers on Honda’s online parts catalog. 


How Do I Find an Authorized Honda Marine Dealer?


ARG Marine in West Palm Beach is an authorized Honda Marine Dealer and offers new and used motors and boats; contact us at 561-840-1514. ARG Marine is also an authorized Honda Service Center. For sales and service outside the area, check Honda Marine’s website. 


Enjoying Your Honda Outboard Motor in West Palm Beach


If you maintain your Honda outboard, it will give you years of trouble-free service so you can enjoy carefree boating. At ARG Marine, we know how important it is to enjoy time on the water with your family. We sell and service only the best outboard brands, like Honda. So please stop by and see us for all your boating needs.