Evinrude Dealers Palm Beach County

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Finding Evinrude Dealers Palm Beach County      


ARG Marine has you covered when finding Evinrude dealers in Palm Beach County. We have not only sold but also serviced Evinrude and other company outboard motors since 2002. That gives us experience in not just selling and maintaining outboards but also getting them onto our local waterways many other agencies don’t have.


When it comes to Evinrude motors, here are three of the best engines we have in our inventory. As always, ARG Marine has something for every need:


First up is the 2013 Evinrude E150DSLAAB. Also called the E-TEC, this V-6, 20-inch beauty has 150 Horsepower with an excellent compression rate across its six cylinders of 110-115. With only 547 hours on her, the E-TEC is perfect for medium-sized watercraft. This makes it an ideal engine for individuals or families looking to spend a day on the water diving, fishing, or otherwise exploring our area’s natural beauty.


Next is the 2012 Evinrude E250CZINR. This is also an E-TEC, V-6 motor, but it has a 30-inch shaft for deeper water and generates 250 Horsepower for a much faster day on the water. This incredible engine has only 590 hours on it, so it is ready to hit the water for recreational or commercial use, such as ferrying around environmental and travel photographers.


Another, more versatile, outboard is the 2019 Evinrude H250HLAH. The E-TEC, V-6 motor is a G2 H.O. or High Output model. That means it can generate more power than a standard Evinrude 250, allowing the operator to push it closer to 300 Horsepower. The shaft is set at 20 inches but can be extended to either 25- or 30 inches for operating in deeper water. These additional features make the G2 H.O. a great choice for someone starting a sightseeing or water-taxi business.


Who Provides Service for Evinrude Dealers Palm Beach County      


ARG Marine has sold and provided maintenance for Evinrude outboard motors since we opened our doors twenty years ago. If you are looking for a superb, pre-owned Evinrude in Palm Beach County, we are here for you. For more information about our inventory, call 561-840-1233 or check us out on Facebook. If you are interested in selling an Evinrude or other outboard motor, you can reach us at https://www.argmarine.com/contact-us/.