Evinrude Dealers Palm Beach County

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There are several Evinrude dealers in Palm Beach County. ARG Marine, however, is one of the few to stay in business for more than twenty years. We reached this milestone by providing every customer with the best in new and used outboards with exceptional maintenance support. 

Our Sales Team has a model for everyone. Our inventory begins with 150 Horsepower (HP) engines for boaters who want to fish or tool around local waterways. We also have 175 and 250-HP motors for more adventurous boaters who wish for deeper water and the ability to travel over it quickly.

One of our recent additions is a 2017 Evinrude C150PXAAD V6 engine. It generates a solid 150 HP and still has its original factory warranty through 31 March 2024. Our Maintenance Team just serviced it, so this manual steering engine has good spark and solid compression across all cylinders. With less than 500 hours on the water, it is an excellent choice for new and experienced boaters. ETEC G2

For a bit more power, we have a 2014 Evinrude that should meet any boater’s needs. Our E175DPXABA is a superb V6 engine that mounts easily on almost any craft and is ready to go when it hits the water. This model has only 590 hours on it and has reliable spark and compression, which makes it great for families and anyone using their boat as part of a small business. 

For more power still, there is our Evinrude E250CZINR, a 2012 model mounted on a 30-inch shaft for running in deeper water. It has less than 600 hours on the water, and our Maintenance Team recently finished servicing it. 

Each outboard is an E-TEC model, meaning it is a High Output engine with very efficient fuel consumption. These are also low-maintenance models with no belts or pulleys and no valves, so they do not require an oil change. 

ARG Marine has been a leader among Evinrude dealers in Palm Beach County for twenty-one years. Our goal is to allow residents to see our local environment from its best point of view, out on the water. To schedule an appointment or ask detailed questions, contact us here or call our Front Office at (561) 840-1514.