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Used Boat Motors for Sale by Owner West Palm Beach

Evinrude was a fixture in marine engines for decades. However, they stopped making new outboard motors during the summer of 2020. Your local dealer can still service and get parts for your Evinrude outboard motor. In West Palm Beach, stop by and see ARG Marine for all your maintenance needs for your new or used boat motors. Stop by ARG Marine to see used boat motors for sale by owner in West Palm Beach.

Evinrude Motors Out of Business

Evinrude announced that they were going out of business in June 2020. This announcement was a surprise to Evinuride’s dealer network. Evinrude blamed a difficult, competitive market, pandemic supply chain issues, and pandemic-related workplace issues. 

Evinrude History

Evinrude was founded by Ole Evinrude in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1907. Evinrude went public and became Outboard Marine Corporation (OMC) in 1935. Bombardier Recreational Products took over the company after Evinrude filed for bankruptcy in 2000. 

In 2001, Evinrude introduced E-TEC technology. This direct injection fuel system improved fuel efficiency and reduced noise, maintenance, oil consumption, and emissions. 

Compared with similar four-stroke engines, the E-TEC engines had 30 to 40 percent fewer emissions. In addition, there were no belts, throttle linkage adjustments, or oil changes. As a result, consumers could enjoy a clean engine that ran smoothly and needed little maintenance. 

Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke Competition

Evinrude still made two-stroke engines, while the other outboard manufacturers made four-stroke engines. Two-stroke engines have been around for a long time, and many consumers believed that two-stroke technology was old-fashioned and less desirable than four-stroke engines. 

Evinrude’s two-stroke technology was impressive, and boater’s magazines praised their 2019 E-TEC engine. Evinrude’s ETEC engines were even more fuel-efficient than their four-stroke competitors. However, Evinrude said that consumers’ preference for four-stroke technology was part of the reason that they stopped making boat motors.

Consumers preferred Honda, Mercury, and Yamaha four-stroke motors. Four-stroke motors are advertised as being environmentally friendly. In addition, owners don’t have to mix oil and fuel for a four-stroke motor. Whether consumers buy new or used boat motors, they typically seek out four-stroke motors over two-stroke motors. 

Warranties for Used Boat Motors for Sale by Owner West Palm Beach

If you have an Evinrude motor, your warranty is still honored. Dealers such as ARG Marine in West Palm Beach have parts and can service your used boat motors for sale by owner that are Evinrude.

Outboard Motor Sales Online West Palm Beach

While Evinrude is no longer making new engines, you can still buy Evinrude used boat motors. ARG Marine sells used boat motors and new engines. In addition, ARG Marine is a dealer and can service your outboard boat motor. Stop by or call ARG Marine at 561-840-1514 for all your outboard boat motor needs.