Different Types of Outboard Motor Sales Palm Beach County

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Different Types of Outboard Motor Sales Palm Beach County


Boaters can choose from many different types of outboard motor sales in Palm Beach County. Outboard motors are prevalent boat engines. These engines are straightforward to use and maintain and are very popular on recreational and trailered boats.

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ARG Marine sells new motors in addition to used boat motors. ARG Marine is an Evinrude dealer and can help you find a used Evinrude motor or service your existing Evinrude. In addition, ARG Marine represents different types of outboard motor sales in Palm Beach County.

Marine engines include outboards, inboards, sterndrives, and jet drives. Boat engines are usually matched to the boat. For example, a center cockpit boat is manufactured with an outboard motor.

Outboard Engines

Outboard engines are definitely one of the most popular types of boat engines. Outboards have an engine, gearbox, and propeller, all in one unit. Outboards are attached to the back of the boat’s hull. Outboards not only power the boat, but they also steer it. Outboard motors can move from side to side to steer the boat. In addition, outboard motors tilt up for easy trailering. Outboards on smaller boats have tillers attached to the motors to control steering. On larger vessels, a steering wheel controls the outboard motors. Outboard engines are easy to maintain and use and are the preferred choice for recreational boating and water sports. 

Inboard Engines

Inboard engines are mounted inside the boat’s hull. The engine is connected to a propeller shaft, which is connected to a propeller at the back of the vessel. Boats with inboard engines have a rudder for steering. Inboard engines are used on larger vessels. Boaters that love water sports often seek out boats with inboard engines because inboards produce a predictable wake. 


A sterndrive engine combines the benefits of an outboard with an inboard. A sterndrive has an engine mounted inside the boat’s hull and attached to a drive unit. The drive unit is similar to the lower portion of an outboard motor and is used to steer the boat. Sterndrives are used in vessels that need more horsepower and torque. In addition, sterndrives have excellent maneuverability and are easy to dock. 

Jet Drive

Jet skis use jet drive engines. A jet drive engine uses water to move and steer the boat. Jet drives don’t have a traditional propeller. Instead, the engine drives an impeller which forces water out a small nozzle at the very back of the boat, which pushes the boat forward. The boat is steered when the driver changes the direction of the nozzle. Jet drives work well in shallow water. 

Outboard Motor Sales Palm Beach County

Outboards are one of the most popular types of marine engines. They are easy to install, use, and maintain. They tilt up for easy trailering and provide an all-in-one solution for powering and steering your boat. 

If you are looking to buy a new boat engine or repower your current boat, stop by ARG Marine or contact us at 561-840-1514. We are an outboard dealer and offer new and used outboard sales and service and parts. We want to help you get out and enjoy your time on the water. We provide the best types of outboard motor sales in Palm Beach County.