Dennis – North Palm Beach, FL

I bought my 2007 model 150 E-Tec new from Vic in 2006 to replace the 31-year-old 115 Evinrude on my classic 1972 SeaCraft Seafari. The E-Tec has run perfectly for over 6 years and 400 hours and has basically only been in the shop for twice for the 3-year service. However it recently started running rough and stalling just above idle, although starting, idling, and the high-speed operation was fine. A failed lift pump was replaced under warranty, and a clogged VST screen was cleaned but that still did not solve the problem. Service Manager Lenny Wong conducted two in-water tests, using the laptop to record data that he sent to BRP for analysis. BRP recommended replacement of the throttle position sensor, but Lenny and the service technicians used a test tank with the boat on the trailer to prove that the TPS change had no effect and that the fuel injectors were the most likely cause of the problem. BRP then sent 6 new fuel injectors under the FPC extended warranty program that were installed last week, and the motor is now running like new again! Lenny even convinced FPC to cover 75% of the labor costs, so I could not be more pleased with ARG’s support in both identifying this complex, elusive problem and in getting BPR’s support in resolving it! Customer support from both ARG and BRP has absolutely exceeded my expectations and I will not hesitate to recommend both to all my friends in the Classic SeaCraft community!