Choosing Between a Four and Six Cylinder 200 Horsepower Outboard


If you are shopping for a 200 horsepower outboard, you have the option to choose either a four-cylinder or a six-cylinder powerhead. Mercury, Yamaha, and Suzuki offer four-cylinder options and six-cylinder options. Honda only offers a six-cylinder version. At ARG Marine, we sell Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, and Mercury. ARG is always here to help you find the perfect new or used boat motors in West Palm Beach.

Should You Re-power with a Four or Six Cylinder 200 Horsepower Outboard?

 If you want to re-power your boat and consider your options, you should consider your budget, the type of boat, and how you use the boat. In addition, you should consider how much engine weight your transom can handle. 

 Outboard Weight Considerations

 One of the attractive features of a four-cylinder outboard is its lighter weight. You will appreciate a lightweight engine if you have a lighter, smaller boat, such as a bay boat. 

Four-stroke engines are heavier than two-stroke engines. If you replace a two-stroke engine with a four-stroke engine, you might be concerned about the added weight. You won’t want to overtax an older boat’s hull with an engine that is just too heavy. 

Four-cylinder engines are closer in weight to two-stroke engines. This makes a four-cylinder engine an attractive choice if you’re re-powering a boat that has a two-stroke engine. 

For example, Mercury’s four-cylinder 200 hp engine weighs only 510 pounds. By contrast, Mercury’s six-cylinder 200 hp outboard weighs 635 pounds. The four-cylinder option offers considerable weight savings.

In addition, the lighter weight will keep your shallow-draft boat shallow-draft. Your boat won’t be weighed down as much and can get to all your favorite backcountry spots. You can get a high horsepower engine with a lower weight. 

If you’ve always wanted to mount twin engines, but your transom is weight limited, you might be able to upgrade to twin four-cylinder engines. 

Torque Requirements

Six-cylinder engines can develop torque quicker than a four-cylinder motor with the same horsepower. Six-cylinder engines have more displacement and can accelerate faster. 

Torque kicks in earlier on a six-cylinder engine than a four-cylinder engine. If you like to get on plane in record time, stick with a six-cylinder engine. 

Fuel Efficiency

Four-cylinder engines are more fuel-efficient than six-cylinder engines and will burn less fuel. This can mean fewer fill-ups and added savings. 

Engine Cost

Four-cylinder engines typically cost less than six-cylinder outboards. While cost savings are always attractive, make sure you weigh all considerations before making your choice. If you would prefer to save money on your purchase, you might consider a for sale by owner engine, or check out the large selection of new and used boat motors we have at ARG Marine in West Palm Beach. 

Propellor Considerations

In addition to choosing the right motor, propeller choice can significantly impact overall performance. ARG Marine will consider your boat, engines, and boat usage to help ensure you make the best propeller choice. 

Choosing the Best Motor

Choosing between a four-cylinder and a six-cylinder motor can be difficult. However, if you are looking to get on plane as fast as possible and your boat can handle the weight, a six-cylinder engine might be your best bet.

If you are re-powering from two-stroke engines and are concerned about weight, consider the benefits of a four-cylinder engine. If you want to go over your options or check out in-stock motors, contact us at 561-840-1514. ARG Marine can’t wait to help you get out on the water in a new or used boat motor.