Celebrate Christmas Early with an Outboard Motor from ARG Marine!

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We often drive by these signs in Palm Beach Gardens – “Used Boat Motors for Sale by Owner.” They are especially visible around this time when an owner wants a little extra money for the Christmas holidays and has already decided to upgrade to a bigger outboard for next year. 

There may be some good bargains, but none of those motors have a recent inspection, a limited warranty, or a maintenance plan. These are three reasons why you must visit ARG Marine before deciding to buy a reliable, pre-owned outboard. We aim to ensure every Floridian who wants to enjoy life on the water can do so with a reliable outboard that gets them out for a day of fun and then back home safely. 

  • Inspection – Our Maintenance Team thoroughly checks every engine that comes into our inventory before we put it out for sale. If something does not meet our operational standards, team members repair or replace it immediately. 
  • Warranty – The original factory warranty is still in place for some of our outboards. If it has expired, the Team determines if the outboard is still in good enough condition to provide limited coverage and lower costs to the new owner.
  • Maintenance Plan – Protek develops a maintenance plan for every outboard to augment the warranty. We tailor each one to ensure the best operation at a reduced price and still meet the new owner’s budget.

ARG Marine should be your first choice if you want to sell a motor. We examine the condition of each outboard motor offered to us and return a fair price offer that considers the condition of the motor, its age, and the number of hours it has spent on the water.

The weather is still good for boating; you only need a warm hat and a water mitigation proof jacket when you are out on a canal or the Atlantic. For more information on buying or selling a motor in Palm Beach Gardens, contact the ARG Marine Sales Office at 561-840-1233. You can also see our inventory here.