Outboard Motor Sales Online Palm Beach County II


When To Look For an Outboard Motor Sales Online Palm Beach County


Now is the perfect time to look for an outboard motor sales online in Palm Beach County. Sales at ARG Marine are some of the best in the area for our fellow Floridians. We offer a great inventory that serves local businesses and puts families on the water for hours of fun.


Outboard Motor Sales Online Palm Beach County Need Inspections


Our mechanical team here at ARG examines every new motor we receive into stock before it goes on the shelf and out the door. For pre-owned outboards, the team performs a full inspection to ensure that every cylinder fires when needed so that each motor starts just like a new one when you are out on the water. ARG provides high quality outboard motor sales in Palm Beach County. Some of the larger models we have available include Yamaha, Johnson, and Evinrude. 


ARG Provides Many Options For Outboard Motors


Our Yamaha VMAX is a 20”, 2001 model with 225HP. Each cylinder in this V6 engine has solid compression across and is ready to hit the water the moment we mount it on your boat. It is a good choice for fishing or sightseeing. 


The Johnson J150VXSS has a little less power with 150 HP, but that makes this outboard perfect for a boating family letting younger members drive around our area waterways for the first time. This 25”, 2000 model shifts smoothly with a great V6 engine behind it. 


For more power, a 2012 Evinrude E-TEC is the outboard for you. This 30”, V6 engine has only 590 hours on it with great spark and compression. It is an excellent option for a tour guide looking to upgrade her outboard motor and her customer’s thrills.


If you are a new resident or just a new boater, then a Suzuki DF90ATL4 outboard is the place to begin. This 2022, 4-cylinder, inline engine has not touched water yet so it is a great way to begin exploring Palm Beach County from the water. 


Who Has Outboard Motors?

If you want to start a business, expand it, or take your family out to enjoy the natural beauty of our state, ARG Marine has an outboard motor for you. Check us out on Facebook or our website to see what is available right now and ready to go out on the water. For any questions, you might have after reviewing our outboards, call our sales or service teams at 561-840-1514 or 561-840-1233.