Boating Tips and Tricks From ARG Marine: Mooring or Storing Your Boat Safely in a Storm

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The summer boating season is at full blast, but the weather can be fickle at any time, and ARG Marine wants you to be prepared for a storm forecast to protect your boat and mitigate damage.

Securing Your Boat

If a storm is coming in the forecast and you keep your boat in the water, it’s a good idea to consider removing your boat for the duration of the storm. It’s important to do this quickly as the marina can become congested the closer it gets to the storm. If you plan to keep your moored boat on land during a storm, make sure to remove the drain plug to keep water from collecting.

Improve Your On-Water Location

If you can’t take your boat out of the water during a storm, then you can take some steps to improve the location. Start by doubling up on all lines and make sure that they’re in good condition and plenty long in case of a storm surge. Inspect the cleats and the dock where the lines will be secured. You might want to secure extra lines around fixed pilings if they’re available. You can also install extra fenders to protect your hull and chafe gear to protect lines.

If your boat is on a mooring, perhaps you might consider using extra anchors to assist the mooring. For example, a three-point anchor setup can help your boat withstand an inbound and outbound storm surge. On the other hand, if there is plenty of room around your boat, then it might be better to reinforce a single point mooring.

Tips to Protect Your Boat From Storm Damage

Whether your boat stays in the water or gets moved to land during a storm, you can follow these tips to help keep it from being damaged:

– Remove as much loose gear as you possibly can from your boat. Any gear that will stay on board should be fully secured.

– Remove sails, cockpit coverings, and dinghies to reduce wind damage

– Turn off and disconnect all power cords, gas valves, and/or water supply hoses

– Secure all hatches and portholes. Check these components for leaks and seal them if necessary.

– Don’t stay aboard your boat in the water during a storm

– Check with your marina to find out if they have any additional safety tips

– Check your insurance policy on your boat so that you know what to do if it sustains damage

Once the storm has passed, it’s imperative to check on your moored boat as soon as possible to assess any damage. Make sure to contact your insurance company if there’s damage.

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