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Summer is Here! Time to hit the water with a Used Boat Motor from ARG Marine!

The term “For Sale by Owner” can lead to great bargains on everything from accents for a home to vintage clothing. When it comes to used boat motors, “For Sale by Owner” in Palm Beach Gardens can lead to a bargain motor that soon becomes a very large lawn ornament. 

At ARG Marine, we offer an extensive inventory of used boat motors at some of the best prices in our area. In addition to a bargain, each motor we sell comes with a complete inspection by our professional technicians. We also provide a maintenance schedule that won’t break a Summer fun budget and a limited warranty on parts and service. Some of our newer models still fall under their factory warranties. 

An excellent example of this option is our 2019 Evinrude H250 HLAH. This outboard motor is an ETEC model, so it has fewer moving parts and requires less maintenance than many other models and brands. It is also an H.O. or High Output motor, so it can generate more than 250 Horsepower, approaching 300 when running full out on open water. It has only 230 hours, so this incredible motor is ready for the water at the moment of purchase. 

An older model in our inventory, our 2000 Johnson J150VXSS, is a great choice for residents and visitors who want to explore the local canals and other waterways. Its V6 engine has good spark and excellent compression across all cylinders, so it generates a reliable 150 Horsepower for new and experienced boaters. 

If you want to sell your boat motor or bring it in as a trade-in, we are ready to help you out. Our technicians give each motor a thorough inspection, and our sales team makes an offer based on its age, the number of hours on the water if known, its condition, and whether the factory warranty is still in effect. 

Regardless of which model you purchase, ARG Marine is a match for your personal or commercial needs. For more information about these or other used boat motors we have for sale in Palm Beach Gardens, call us at 561-840-1514 or visit our inventory online.