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There are only a handful of days until Spring, so now is the perfect time to get ready for fun on the water in Palm Beach County. ARG Marine is here to help you choose the right engine to make the most of your school breaks, vacations, and weekends. 

First up is a reliable 175 Horsepower engine with great spark and compression. Our Maintenance Team just serviced a 2014 Evinrude DPZABA outboard, and with only 590 hours, it is ready to launch from the moment you buy it. It is an excellent choice for area lakes or to explore local waterways. We also have a left-hand pair to match if your boat can support two outboards.

Next up is a superb option for boaters wanting more power. The 2007 Evinrude DPXSUF generates a solid 200-horsepower. It has only 580 hours, and with a thorough inspection from our Maintenance Team, this outboard is ready to go. It comes mounted on a 25-inch shaft, so it’s a reliable option for shallow and deep water.

For more speed in deeper water, see our 2018 Evinrude XCUAG. It is an ETEC G2 engine that generates a robust 300 Horsepower but needs less maintenance than other comparable models. Its factory warranty is still in effect through July of 2028, and we can mount it on either a 25- or 30-inch shaft. 

If this is your first year on the water as an operator, we have an Evinrude that might be perfect for you. This 2008 E130PXSES has a V-4 engine, 477 operating hours, a compression rating of 110 on all cylinders, and generates a solid 130 Horsepower. It is excellent for getting up and down local waterways and makes a great choice for parents giving their child his or her first boat and outboard. 

Every outboard motor we sell comes with a recommended maintenance plan designed to keep you on the water for many Springs and Summers to come. For more information about our outboards or the services we offer to Palm Beach County, call ARG Marine today at (561) 840-1514. To view our entire inventory, visit our website. To keep up on new products or to stay current with our updates, visit us on Facebook.