Are Honda Outboard Motors Reliable?

At ARG Marine, we are proud to offer a great selection of used Honda outboard motors. If you’re looking for a used outboard in Palm Beach, you’re probably wondering if Honda’s motors are reliable. We like our customers to be completely informed, so let’s take a look at the reliability of Honda outboards.

Honda Has a Long History

Honda might be most well-known for making automobiles. Still, Honda actually got its start making motorcycles, so it’s not surprising that the company eventually branched out into making boat motors. If you’re just getting into the marine world, you might not realize that Honda is one of the most recognizable names out there. 

Honda has been making outboard motors since 1964, and the company first started selling them in America in 1967. Honda now makes and sells more than just the four-stroke outboards it started out with. Throughout its long history of making and selling boat motors, Honda has won numerous awards and has been recognized by the Boating Industry for putting out quality new products. Honda is still leading the way today and continuing to innovate with each new product it puts out. 

Why You Should Consider Honda Outboard Motors

If you’re in the market for a new outboard, ARG Marine is happy to report that Honda outboards have one of the quickest turnaround times for ordering a new engine. Some other makers are taking months and months to send out new engines, but Honda often only takes weeks. If you need your new engine quickly, Honda is the way to go right now.

However, if you’re looking for a used outboard in Palm Beach, there are still lots of reasons to consider a Honda. You might not know that Honda uses the same engine block for marine outboard engines as it does to build engines for popular car models like the Accord, Pilot, and Odyssey. Honda cars are known for being very reliable with engines that can go over 200,000 miles, so this fact should give you peace of mind. 

Another important consideration is Honda’s warranty. The company’s marine warranties are among the best in the business. Honda is the only outboard company that offers a five-year warranty. You’ll have to repair your boat motor eventually, regardless of how much you keep up on maintenance. That’s why a motor with an extra-long warranty is a great thing to have. 

Yet another reason to consider Honda outboards is the fact that Honda has been given the Customer Satisfaction award by the National Marine Manufacturers Association CSI for the last 15 years. When you need help, Honda’s customer representatives will be there for you.

Honda’s Reliable History

As mentioned earlier, Honda is a name that is synonymous with reliability. The only other brand that can match in the auto world is Toyota. It’s not surprising then that this reliability easily transfers over to the marine world. Most seasoned boaters will tell you that Honda’s motors are among the most reliable out there. Add in the strong warranty and great customer service, and you have a recipe for success and many happy customers.

ARG Marine is here for our Palm Beach customers and all customers across Florida. We also offer worldwide shipping on used outboard motors. Come see us today for the best in Honda outboard motors and many other top names in the marine industry!