Affordable Outboard Motors for Sale in West Palm Beach

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It’s still cool outside, especially on the water, but that makes boating during those few warm daylight hours so much more memorable. ARG Marine has a variety of outboard motors for sale that can meet the needs of every resident of West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities. 

An excellent choice for new boaters learning how to get around is our 2008 Evinrude E130PXSES. The V-4 motor has less than 500 hours and is ready for the water when you drive it off our lot. At 130 horsepower, it is a superb outboard for exploring canals and other area waterways.

For a faster ride, we have a 2000 Johnson J150VXSS. The V-6 engine generates a reliable 150 horsepower. We recently refurbished the tilt and trim, so it feels like this outboard just came off the assembly line. Mounted on a 25-inch shaft, it operates great on streams and deeper lakes. 

For faster fun in deeper water, we have a 2019 Evinrude H250HLAH. This 250-horsepower outboard is an H.O. (High Output) model, which tops out close to 300 horsepower. Currently mounted on a 20-inch shaft for shallow water, but we can switch that out for a 25 or 30-inch shaft for safe operation along the coast and even farther out for more experienced boaters. This HLAH has only 230 hours and is still covered by its factory warranty through 02/09/2029. 

Regardless of which outboard you choose from our inventory, the ARG Marine Maintenance Team inspects each one before we put it up for sale. The team ensures they have a good spark for a quick start and even compression across all cylinders for smooth, reliable operation. Additionally, we provide a limited warranty on each model and can build a maintenance plan tailored to your choice and budget. 

If you are ready to begin building memories on the water, call ARG Marine today at (561) 840-1514. Over the last twenty years, we have provided hundreds of boats and outboard motors for sale to our West Palm Beach neighbors and are ready to go for another twenty. You can check out our latest updates on our inventory Sales Page and then contact us to set up for fun on the water.