ARG Marine’s Tips and Tricks for Towing and Launching Your Boat Safely

As one of the top Evinrude outboard dealers in Palm Beach Gardens, ARG Marine provides a wide selection of outboard motors made by Evinrude and other top brands. ARG is consistent in keeping popular products and accessories in stock to serve boaters. We like to also be proactive in keeping boaters in the know with information about all things boating.

Let’s take a complete look at some safety tips and tricks for towing, trailering, and launching your boat safely and successfully.

Towing and Trailering Basics

If you don’t store your boat in a mooring area, then your only other option is to tow your boat with your truck or SUV. The first step to doing this safely and successfully is to make sure that your vehicle is capable of towing the boat you plan to buy. Find your vehicle’s tow rating, and then find the total weight of your trailer and boat. It is imperative to also make sure that you have the proper towing hardware to match your trailer. Each state has somewhat different regulations for trailers, so make sure to check with your local DMV for more information.

Inspect and Maintain Your Trailer

Your trailer should be inspected and maintained regularly as it is subject to harsh situations like being submerged in saltwater when you launch your boat. Take a look at the following checklist for inspecting your trailer on a regular basis:

– Check trailer wiring and lights to make sure everything works

– Check for severe corrosion and address it immediately

– Check tires for dry rot and make sure they are properly inflated

– Check and lubricate wheel bearings

– Check rollers and/or bunkers

– Check the winch system to make sure it’s working correctly

– If your trailer has brakes, make sure they work

– Confirm that your trailer is properly attached to your vehicle

Transporting Your Boat

Once you have confirmed that your trailer is in good condition, you can check your boat and any gear that you might also be towing. Use the following checklist to determine that your boat is safely ready for towing.

– Check that your boat is properly secured and balanced on the trailer

– Make sure that the outboard engine on your boat is properly secured for transport

– Confirm that any gear stowed in the boat is also properly secured

– Do not drive your boat directly onto the trailer when taking it out of the water

– No one should ride on the trailer or in the boat while it’s being towed

– Don’t run your outboard engine outside of the water

Launching Your Boat

The final step in getting your boat from your house to the water is launching it. Continue your safety checks during launch by confirming the following list:

– Your boat is fully and adequately secured to the trailer

– The winch system is fully and properly secured to your boat

– Drain plugs are installed

– Your vehicle keys and/or other sensitive items are secured in a dry place that isn’t your pocket (you should always plan to get wet during launch)

Make sure your boat is fully ready to launch before going into the launch ramp so as not to hamper others waiting.

One of the top names in the outboard business has always been Evinrude. Even though the company announced the discontinuation of Evinrude motors last year, ARG Marine remains one of the prime Evinrude outboard dealers in Palm Beach Gardens. Come in today to find your new or used Evinrude outboard engine.